Two Of The Most Cited Manufacturers Of High Faux Are France-based Tissavel, Which Has Been Making Fake Fur Since The 1950s And Supplies Chanel And Prada With Custom-made Material, And New York-based Tiger J, Which Makes Fake Fur For Naeem Khan, Dennis Basso, Rachel Zoe And Adrienne Landaus Lines.

Feb 08, 2017  

Prices also are less precious than for the real thing. Bags range from $295 to $695. The fur flies, and no animals are harmed The stigma once attached to fake fur it had a reputation as being thick, matted and sticky has mostly diminished. In fact, the material has evolved into something that looks and feels rather luxurious. Two of the most wholesale scarves cited manufacturers of high faux are France-based Tissavel, which has been making fake fur since the 1950s and supplies Chanel and Prada with custom-made material, and New York-based Tiger J, which makes fake fur for Naeem Khan, Dennis

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