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Feb 11, 2017  

"It was a very easy decision, like opening the door and stepping out," Giveh, who is captain of the Iranian women's national team, added. YEB manager Basharan, 48, said he wanted the pair as attracting players of similar class from another country would cost 10 times more. YEB are sixth in the Bulgarian league but need to be in the top four to get a Scarves place in European tournaments next year. Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in Iran but women are not allowed to attend men's matches because of Islamic rules. Wearing the hijab and leggings is also compulsory for women during games. Borhani said they had no problem keeping the rule in Bulgaria to get permission for the move from Iran's volleyball federation and sports ministry. "We are here to play volleyball and our religion and its rules should not be a problem," Borhani said. "Wearing hijab is a habit, a style that we are used to," she added, her lipstick-covered mouth curling into a smile as she recounted how much they have been made welcome in Shumen. "When we walk in the street all people know us and we like it." Bulgaria banned the wearing of a full face veil in public in September amid rising nationalism and a refugee influx.

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